A 10-year old domain has finally its own website

The domain jurisnova.org was registered in 2003, but never got a website of its own. This has now changed.

We follow the tradition of being extra territorial and supranational, not obliged to obey to anybody. We are based in the Antarctica.

Discussion and posts here will cover the injustice and globalisation in our world, hoping to channel some anger and provide for a uncensored home.

One Reply to “A 10-year old domain has finally its own website”

  1. Nice to see this domain becoming active with content. Now we need some peers here, and find fruitful discussion on topics like:
    – NSA
    – Tempora
    – BND
    All those letter agancies are there to subjugate us, spy on us, and even abuse us for their own agenda.
    It’s time to fight back. There are tools out there, which make life very hard for those eavsdropper:

    – encryption with PGP or GnuPG
    – using proxies like ssh tunnels or VPN’s
    – create as much profiles as possible to confuse our opponents

    You can’t really be anonymou anymore, but can feed them with many different profiles and they will suffocate on the flood of data.

    A good start is the outfit http://www.privacy.li , on the market since 1997 and dedicated to protect their clients whereever the need arises.

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